Marianne Graham Designs

In my floral design and photography, I strive to capture the things that make people smile, the happy moments we often miss or take for granted. I’m truly blessed: I spend my days meeting new people, sharing their special moments, and transforming what I see into photographic memories and floral designs. Both are expressions of the unique attributes that make each person so special. 

My artistic perspective comes from many facets of my life. Growing up in Asia instilled in me an appreciation for other cultures. Attending Texas Christian University gave me the chance to polish my communication skills while exploring my love of the arts. Finally, classes and certificate programs at the NY Botanical Gardens, the Floral Design Institute of Seattle, the University of Washington, and professional photographic workshops have allowed me to continue to grow and broaden my skill set. 

As helpful as education can be, I’ve found that classes, workshops, and degrees are no substitute for passion or inspiration. My creative drive comes from my deep desire to play an active role in my community, serving people through my art, and ultimately encouraging those I meet to explore and appreciate the simple beauty of everyday life. I started the Artful Posy and Looking Glass Photography because seeing my work come to life is truly fulfilling. In an effort to give back to my community, I will be donating part of my profits to local organizations that strive to better our youth through the arts.

I hope my work will pique your interest in learning more not just about yourself but about your hopes and aspirations. t 206.829.9752 | m 817.706.5874      
the artful posy looking glass photography